Composition Masterclass on Music Technology

Thu 10 Oct – Sun 13 Oct 2019 Oulu Music Centre, Finland

Teacher: Riikka Talvitie

Music Technology Consultant: Tapio Lappalainen


Antti Turtiainen, oboe (Oulu Symphony)

Riina Salminen, cello (Oulu Symphony)

Jarno Heikkilä, guitar (Oulu Conservatoire)

As a part of the October New Music in Oulu, Finland, there will be a Composition Masterclass on Music Technology given by Ms. Riikka Talvitie and Mr. Tapio Lappalainen from Thursday 10 to Sunday 13 October 2019. The masterclass is for developing your skills on live-electronics and electroacoustic music. Teaching languages are Finnish and English. The topics are

  • live-electronics set-ups
  • Max software
  • mixing
  • microphones
  • effect processors


Six active students will attend the masterclass. Preparing for the masterclass, they will compose a piece of 3-6 minutes for oboe, cello and guitar. It must include a part for music technologist to be performed with live-electronics and/or a Max-patch and/or a stereo sound file.

The price of an Active Student (295 €) includes

  • three individual lessons by Ms. Riikka Talvitie

and/or Mr. Tapio Lappalainen

  • a workshop with the musicians
  • one lecture and one public lecture
  • the piece performed in a concert
    • on Sunday 13 October 2019
  • free admittance to all UML concerts
  • homestay accomodation organized by the festival
  • hotel accomodation for 90 € extra charge per night


The price of a Passive Student (50 €) includes:

  • following all events of the masterclass
  • free adminttance to all UML concerts

RIIKKA TALVITIE is a composer, an oboist and a music pedagog. She has reflected diversity, equality, nationalism, terrorism and sustainable development in her works. Talvitie has studied composition under Tapio Nevanlinna and Paavo Heininen at the Sibelius Academy. Talvitie also graduated as an oboist. She has studied composition in the Conservatory of Paris under Gérald Grisey and has participated in the ’Curcus I’ music technology study program at IRCAM in Paris. She has worked with electro-acoustique music, especially with live electronics. Her radio-opera the Queen of the Cold Land won The Prix Italia 2018 in Radio Music category. Talvitie is carrying out her artistic research at the University of the Arts in Helsinki. She studies composition as a collective and dialogical effort.

­TAPIO LAPPALAINEN has studied composition at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg 2007 under Adriana Hölszky and composition and music theory in Oulu Conserva­tory, taught by Vesa Valkama. Lappalainen has completed a master’s degree in Music Technology in the Sibelius-Academy in 2014, being taught by Andrew Bentley. Lappalainen has taken masterclasses of contemporary music and music technology in Darmstadt, Germany and at the CCRMA / CNMAT centers in California, USA. His works have been performed in festivals and other occasions in Finland and abroad. Lappalainen has been elected to several posts in different music organisations. He is a founding member of Lokakuu Society for Contemporary Music in Oulu, Finland.



  • a short CV
  • one of your compositions

(PDF score and MP3 recording, if available)

  • in short, the reasons, why you should be selected

Ms. Riikka Talvitie will select six students for the masterclass, to be announced on Friday 28 June 2019. Selected students are required to deliver a finished composition latest by Wednesday 31 August 2019. 


Kimmo Pihlajamaa, producer

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